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Ultra Nutrient

Ultra Nutrient is a Vitamin and mineral dietary supplement that I was told made all the difference in the world withUltra_Nutrient_Review everyone’s health, especially autoimmune disease sufferers like Hashimoto’s. As the name suggests, they say it is the Ultra Nutrient for your health. It boasts that it has antioxidants and phytonutrients which we all know are key to a healthy immune system and body.

My doctor explained that I was deficient in several key vitamins and because of that he knew I would be missing other key minerals too. He explained how our fields aren’t full of nutrients for the crops to soak up for us to eat anymore. We are much less likely to get everything we need even when we eat a healthy colorful and balanced diet. So I spent about $150 on all sorts of vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals and still felt lousy after all the bottles were more than half empty. My next visit showed little improvement in my deficiencies and he recommended I look into some other supplements to help combat the immune response. I went searching for a better blend of supplements and a forum friend told me about Ultra Nutrient. He said it’s expensive which threw me off, immediately. I can’t do expensive.

Here is where things start to get interesting…my doctor prescribed me 50,000iu of Vitamin D2 because I still didn’t have enough in my body after taking the other bottle I bought from the drugstore for over a month, every day. I did OK on it for the first few days but then I couldn’t sleep again. I began looking at other remedies and guess who I checked back in with…my thyroid forum friend. He told me that until I got my immune system to settle down a bit, I wouldn’t be able to absorb much of anything so he told me about Turmeric and Milk Thistle. Everyone with inflammation absolutely raves about Turmeric and helping your liver is always a good thing. So I looked into getting some of that.

While standing at the drug store looking at the prices of everything I needed to take to begin to feel better, I got upset. They didn’t even have the buy 2 get 3rd one free special on the shelf for the brand I liked. I went back to calculating and decided to give this Ultra Nutrient a try. He told me you get what you pay for so I went to google to research pricing determined to find something less expensive.

Benefits of the product

I went directly to the manufacturer’s site but it doesn’t show pricing, only ingredients, company info and other product information. So I read the manufacturer’s bio about their products. I really liked it. They only sell to doctor offices and wholesalers too. You can’t order from their website and get product sent to you. I’m assuming this is how they save money on the ingredients.

Three weeks I took this stuff and I felt a huge difference in how my mind worked and how my body felt. My inflammation and constant aches were so much less that I was mind-blown. I didn’t even take the full recommended dose because it is expensive. I took this to my doctor and told him how I felt and showed him the bottle. My doctor grows and raises most of his own food (not my cup of tea) and he was really impressed by the ingredients. He said the “Setria” brand chemical was something to keep me from getting more gray hair. He’s heard of Pure Encapsulations from other physicians but hadn’t heard of the Ultra Nutrient.

I had energy. I mean ENERGY. I had clarity of my brain fog. I moved so much easier, even first thing in the morning. Even my mood was better but I’m sure that had a lot to do with how good I feel. My daughter takes the 2 each day that I should be taking and even she feels better and has more energy even though she’s perfectly fit and healthy.

How to use Ultra Nutrient

Like I said earlier, it’s expensive so I didn’t take the daily recommended dose of 3 pills 1-2 times per day. They are kind of big capsules. Not huge but big enough I didn’t want to take 3 at one time. I took 2 twice a day for the first 3 weeks and then cut back to taking 2-3 everyday.

With the results I got with taking less product I can only imagine how much better I would feel taking the whole recommended dose. I will warn you about this, if you miss a day or 2, you WILL notice.

Ultra Nutrient Description and Features

This product boasts about advanced antioxidants and phytonutrients. It boasts about being hypoallergenic and is sourced and manufactured to avoid:

  • Artificial additives
  • Allergens
  • GMO’s
  • Environmental Contaminants
  • Added Excipients (fancy name for additives)

Who is Ultra Nutrient for?

This product is for every person, everywhere, seriously, anyone who eats great but knows they still aren’t getting everything they need. Turmeric is great for anyone who wants protection against certain cancers, to lower blood sugar, treat skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema but especially for people with autoimmune diseases that deal with chronic inflammation. Milk thistle is included in this and it is a liver detoxifier as well as increasing glutathione for even more liver detoxification. Glutathione is also what the Setria is for…helping alleviate gray hair due to the over production of hydrogen peroxide inside the body.

This product is important for anyone who may have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, an autoimmune disease, or anyone who deals with chronic pain.

What I like about Ultra Nutrient

There are so many great things about Ultra Nutrient

  • It has 30 named vitamin/mineral and phytonutrients along with a proprietary blend of more phytonutrients
  • It comes in a thick white container to help keep the sun out and temperature more steady
  • Glad that it is non-GMO, no artificial stuff or fillers, these rather big capsules are slam full of actual product, not fillers
  • The vitamins/minerals/nutrients listed are the higher quality stuff that absorbs better and faster in your body
  • There’s no way to beat how it helps you feel.
  • I like the different quantities you can get (though the savings are in the larger bottle, like anything else)

What I don’t like about Ultra Nutrient

There are only a few things Not a fan of the small like about this product:

  1. Not a fan of the small amount of Vitamin D in this product. I do have to supplement with more, at least for now.
  2. There is no Vitamin K2 to go with the Vitamin D. These are important together. K2 directs the Vitamin D to the right places.
  3. The price as its listed- which is $127 for 360 capsules at $0.35/each – but I can’t even say Not a fan of the small like it, I paid more for all the stuff I bought individually and still didn’t get close to all the stuff in this product and it certainly wasn’t the same quality either.

Final Thoughts

I couldn’t believe how well I felt after just 3 weeks not even taking the recommended dose of Ultra Nutrient. I know that I will be struggling with Hashimoto’s for quite a while more and I know Not a fan of the small want to get as deficient as I had before either. I eat well, not perfect, but well. Glad veggies and fruits and colorful homemade food. Not a fan of the small want to feel this bad again so if adding this to my diet even at only 2 pills a day now -unless I forget for a day or two, then I double up for a few extra days, then that’s exactly what I’m going to do and you should too.

I’ve begun to share this with my 2 teenage daughters. They’re diet is not perfect all the time either and since autoimmune diseases do tend to happen in families, I want to keep them as healthy as possible and educate them now. They have said they are glad the D/K vitamin combo isn’t in these capsules, they would be even bigger. I have to agree. 🙂


Leave me a comment, let me know if you have bought the item and what your experience with Ultra Nutrient has been like. You can also leave me a comment if you have any questions.

Keep for yourself or share with someone you love :)

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