Naturally Cure Hashimoto’s

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People ask… How do you naturally cure Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis?

Can You Naturally Cure Hashimoto’s

The short answer is… there is no CURE. You can, however, get it into a FULL remission. Meaning, you can naturally HEAL Hashimoto’s. To understand how to “naturally cure Hashimoto’s”, you need to understand what happened to cause it. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is the most common cause of hypothyroid disease. You have probably been hypothyroid for years so you already know most of the symptoms that affect you and this is extremely important in the process, which I will talk about more in just a bit. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, aka Hashi’s for short, is an autoimmune disease where your body sees your thyroid as a foreign body, a nasty bug that it is so graciously attacking for you, to kill it and rid your body of it. Why is it doing this? Well there are quite a few reasons it could be.

  1. Chronic Illness/Virus – This is probably more of the cause than not. Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) is a huge contributor to this factor, as is the Herpes Virus, even the one you got from grandma before we realized it was contagious AND lifelong. When your body is fighting this constantly, it can become confused. Sometimes, viruses will mimic healthy cells in our body so your immune system kills anything that looks like the virus, including the healthy cells, like the thyroid in Hashis.
  2. Close Family Relation – hereditary. There are certain genes that are affected and make it more likely that you will be susceptible to developing an autoimmune disease.
  3. Bacterial Imbalance – when the normal bacteria in your body get out of whack. Women should especially understand this because its the same idea as when we take antibiotics for one thing and need a new one for the yeast infection that gets created from the first antibiotic. What we put in our stomachs can cause upsets in the bacteria colonies in our intestines. This leads to more and more problems and eventually the body is attacking things that escaped our gut. If any of that gets to other organs…well, our immune system decides to be noble again and start attacking, diligently. This is called  “Leaky Gut“.
  4. Allergies/Intolerance – This is also probably more of a cause than most people know or understand. More and more people are allergic to all kinds of things. It doesn’t always start at birth, most of the time it seems to be acquired later in life. I personally believe that we ARE allergic at birth but our bodies deal with it for as long as it can before it stops being able to and then we finally see signs of the allergy. For people who haven’t had a virus/chronic illness, bacterial imbalance, or familial predisposition, then the next thing to look at is allergies. If you are a landscaper and have a mild allergy to certain pollen or grass, you are probably going to take some antihistamines and just keep on trucking. The allergens are still being inhaled but you’ve stopped your bodies response to it so you can work (which IS more important). What is your poor immune system doing though? You don’t take the antihistamine 24/7. The allergen is still in your body. I think this is a huge reason why peoples immune systems turn on them, with the most well-meaning of intentions of course. Milk, eggs, soy, nuts, pollen, peppers, kale, broccoli…all of these things and MANY MANY more can be a source of allergic reaction or intolerance for you.
  5. Gluten – This is actually bad for everyone, I believe, but people who are allergic to it or have even the slightest sensitivity to it are going to have more problems than other people. This is exactly the allergy response I was just talking about above but Gluten requires its own discussion. Some people will go their entire life sensitive to it and never actually know, they just have constipation or loose stools when they eat it or some other very small indication and because it doesn’t actually affect them enough to think about, they don’t. Some of these people will have problems much later in life when the immune system and whole body naturally takes a dive in the less healthy direction. It could be from a younger-you-life-of-convenience. Meaning, before you realized its effects, you lived on processed foods, alone. No, I’m not saying that you should have NO processed foods. Would it be better? Absolutely!! Can we all manage it…ummm, no, I think not. Those who can, I am in awe!!
  6. Environmental  – This could be like the landscaper,  or if you work in a factory or on a farm and you are around, touching, inhaling or working with chemicals or materials. It could be something that your body is sensitive to and causes a reaction.


If you haven’t paid much attention to your body, you will need to learn it. Knowing your body isn’t even hard to do. If you haven’t been noticing your body’s signs, you will now – just from knowing that you need to be looking for them. Most of us Hashimoto’s sufferers go in cycles with our hormones, men included, but especially women. So much so that you can almost pin point what day of the month it is by how your body feels. If this isn’t the case with you… count yourself very lucky!!

How To Get Started

One of THE MOST important things to do from the very beginning is getting some blood levels of the vitamins and minerals that you more than likely are not getting from your everyday diet. Remember, we don’t have fertile soil anymore for most of our crops. While we may eat the same spinach, it doesn’t contain the same trace minerals and nutrients it did even 10 years ago. Even our grass fed beef isn’t eating the same grass it did 10 years ago that was full of nutrients. So, unless you grow your own food and consistently nurture your soil…you are NOT getting enough of everything you need from your diet. Some people will not be able to absorb certain vitamins/minerals due to many reasons. For instance, there’s actually an autoimmune disease that causes you to not be able to absorb B12. So get those blood tests from your doctor so you at least know the most simple of ways to naturally heal Hashimoto’s disease.

I tried all kinds of vitamins and had about 15 different bottles to take everything I needed. The link here is my favorite so far. I love the company that makes it and what it stands for. I especially love the blend of everything in it. I will say this, it says to take 6 per day (3 twice a day or 2 three times a day), I couldn’t afford that so I took 2 twice a day for 3 weeks and then cut back to 2 per day. I can really tell a difference if I forget to take them for a day or two. I’m looking into a few others but I’ve been scared to try anything else. I have a ton more energy when I take these and there’s no stimulants like caffeine or anything like that in here.  The only thing I didn’t like about it was that I need a lot more Vitamin D than it has in here but after giving up all the other bottles I still like the D3/K2 combo I get from here anyway, for this. K2 directs the D3 to go where it’s supposed to go instead of calcium building up in your kidneys and causing kidney stones. I’ll talk more about this in another article and go more in depth with the D3/K2, and explain taking all the vitamins that are put together in this one. Follow the link here for the vitamins review. I talk about how you should take these and any other vitamins, supplements and/or your medication in another article. If you don’t do it properly, you are just wasting money and creating very expensive urine or causing your thyroid more problems.

Next Steps

Not everyone can do this, but if you can… get your hormones checked out. Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone for men and women, this imbalance has been shown to cause or keep your hormone levels and possibly your immune system distracted or ramped up. Remember those cycles. For women, these hormone imbalances can cause PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) which is another autoimmune disease or other problems. For men, you can have other issues as well and can be more susceptible to other autoimmune diseases like Type II Diabetes.

If All Else Fails

If you have everything else listed above understood and done but are still having issues and your Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or Hashimoto’s disease, however you say it, is still flared up then you absolutely HAVE to change what you eat. There are many different diets that you need to look into. There’s the most comprehensive diet to change your whole body and that’s the AIP (Auto Immune Protocol) diet. This takes you back to the absolute bare basics that your body can handle and introduces foods very very slowly so you can see which ones cause your symptoms to flare, which means these are the foods that your immune system starts destroying you for when you eat them. It’s done in such a way that you have no choice but to learn your body. Another, less intense, idea is for you to honestly and consistently journal your food. I would try to eat roughly the same foods a few days in a row and when you notice something “off” then make a note of it and then if you had beef stew for example… make steak and potatoes the next day, the day after that have carrots and chicken so you can figure out if it was the potatoes (most likely) or the carrots that you don’t need to eat again for a long time and make sure you write that down. Make a list of the foods you know you have to stay away from. Once you calm your immune system down and get it to “see” healthy cells again you can start adding back foods that you took off your menu, slowly. Some foods you will never be able to eat again. These are your allergies. These allergies may or may not EVER show up on allergy testing so don’t go by that. They test the outer layer of your skin…not the inside of your body. It is not the same difference. These foods will cause a mild to severe flair up every time you consume them so unless its chocolate or coffee, keep it out of your diet permanently. I’m not sure I could go a long time without chocolate or coffee so I might would have to take a small reaction if I was allergic to it. 🙂 I’m not though so you would have to make that call for yourself if you were. <–My deepest condolences!!!!


You can naturally HEAL – CURE Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis but it will be a process. I did not mention thyroid hormone medications here for a reason. Whether you are on them or not you still need to fix the things listed in this article. DO NOT ever stop taking your medication unless you and your doctor have talked about it and have the results of your tests to confirm that you do not need to take it anymore. Yes, that can happen.

If you stop taking your medicine, you could literally die if your thyroid is damaged enough. You can go into what is called a Myxedema Crisis/Coma and don’t let other discussions fool you, it doesn’t just happen to older patients. I am only 40. This is a hormone that your body cannot function without. Read my About Me page to find out about my total thyroidectomy, this is what happens if you don’t get your immune system under control. I didn’t know I had an autoimmune disease until 2017 and by then…it was just entirely too late.

Leave comments and let me know what you think, if you have any questions or if you just want to share a little about yourself and your story. Also, leave comments if you want me to research or do a review on something you’re interested in trying or finding out about.





Keep for yourself or share with someone you love :)


  1. I find anything regarding the thyroid interesting. Although I have hyperthroidism, “Grave’s disease” , that little butterfly shaped organ can do nasty things to your body. I stopped taking my medication:( and that was a no no I learned the hard way. You have to take care of your health because nobody else can do it for you.

    • Thyroid problems are definitely not a condition where you can play with your medicine too much. I can only imagine your symptoms, being hyper, I couldn’t stay awake and went into a myxedema crisis. It’s not a nice lesson to learn at all. Thanks for stopping by, take care!

  2. I have been putting it off for too long now. I need to get my hormones checked for sure. My mom had to take thyroid medication, and I am thinking I probably have some issues too. Is hair loss a sign of this? I have had extreme hair loss. About 75% in the last month 🙁 I’m worried!

    • Hair loss is a sign of thyroid problems as well as a Vitamin B deficiency. I would definitely get checked. If you do end up being prescribed meds, don’t be alarmed if you continue to lose hair for the first few months. If you continue to lose handfuls of hair after a few (3) months, I would ask your Dr to change you to name brand (Synthroid) if you’re taking the generic or ask pharmacist for another brand – you’ll probably have to change pharmacies for that medication though. Pharmacies do change suppliers for price and quality reasons, so talk to them if you have problems.

  3. How long do you have to be on medicine for your symptoms to clear up ?

    • Hi Linda, if you are in the earlier stages of Hashimoto’s you have a pretty decent chance of being able to come off your medicine if you fix your immune system. The medicine doesn’t clear your symptoms, it may help though. It really depends on how diligent you are about getting your body back in check. I hope this helped and let me know if you need any other information.

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