Hashimoto’s and Weight Loss

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Hashimoto’s and weight loss – Did You Know About Leptin Resistance

Hashimoto’s and Weight Loss

Almost every person that has Hashimoto’s wants to know how to lose weight. A lot of us have been suffering with it undiagnosed for a long time and have gained more weight than you will ever willingly share or admit to yourself. Deny. Deny. Deny!! Right?!! Yeah, that didn’t work for me either.

How many of you eat like a bird and still gain weight when you walk by a candy bar? In my younger years I did a lot of different diets. Looking back at that gorgeous body I want to kick myself all the way down memory lane but that’s besides the point. I just wasn’t happy with my body back then and I did several different ones. I lost my weight and I got busy. Busy raising kids, working, being a partner to my children’s dad and dealing with life. Sometimes I just didn’t eat. I wasn’t hungry and by the end of the night, I knew better than to eat THAT late so I just didn’t. I often times would just pick at things like a bird. This caused Leptin Resistance for me.

If you have become leptin resistant, due to the dieting and/or busy schedules then you will have to do the one thing you do not want to do. You have to eat more. Hold on though, you don’t need to eat a lot more food, you just need to eat more often. They say every 4 hours while you are awake, which for most of us is 16-18 hrs. Grab a handful of nuts and some carrots for a snack or some other mix of filling and smart calorie choices. You might even have to suffer through gaining a few pounds until you get your body to stop collecting and saving calories. It thinks you aren’t going to eat anymore so its saving everything you put in it. Once it realizes that it can burn those calories…you are on your way!! Side Note: you absolutely can not exercise while you are attempting to get your leptin resistance under control, you will never get it controlled if you do. Once you can burn those calories, you can exercise to your hearts safe content.


Hashimoto’s Weight Loss Schedule

Push yourself, always, but don’t hurt yourself. Don’t forget the work your body has been doing, dealing with your autoimmune disease and the issues that came with it, even if you weren’t doing anything yourself. I would suggest some kind of HIIT workout, who can’t do their best for 7-15 mins? Quick bursts of HIIT every day or every other day and then a long walk at your best speed, most days of the week. If you already walk a lot then just make sure you’re getting 10-15k steps in a day (work up to that if needed) and always vary your speeds while walking.

Once you get your immune system back on track you will have all that energy that you’ve been missing. Or maybe its been missing so long you forgot what having energy feels like, just like I had. Don’t be discouraged if you have some bad days here and there. Continue journaling while you fine tune your eating, allergy/sensitivity, or other symptoms you had. Sooner than you know, and of course – not soon enough, you will feel better and better, more and more days in a row.  When you’re out walking… daydream or sight see for a bit, then focus and “get at it” for a little while and then slow it back down, maybe even jog for 30 seconds to a minute a few times. You don’t have to start out running a marathon, you didn’t get here overnight.

Be Realistic

Depending on how much time has gone by since you’ve been inactive and what age you are now, you may not get back to the body you had. If it’s only been 5 years or less, you’re probably ok. If it’s been 10 year or more…more than likely, no. I’m not saying it can’t be done, I’m just saying be realistic. If you can’t or don’t get back to that body, don’t sweat it. Learn to love your new ABLE body. I’ll take my few extra pounds to be able to get up and go with less than a thought.

If You’ve Got Energy To Burn

If you are fully recovered, in remission and taking the world by storm, there’s only 1 thing I feel like you need to know, or to know again. Stress and the immune system are linked, intrinsically. You can’t stay away from or avoid stress, it’s just not possible, but you can limit its effect on you. I also think the stress we put on ourselves causes more problems, because it lasts longer, so I want you to remember, if you come down with a cold or some other virus/sickness. You’re body will need to be babied at least a little bit. I’d go back to simple foods and just be watching to make sure your immune system does its job and then stops like it’s supposed to. Watch for symptoms or flare ups and be kind to your body.

Short and Sweet

I jumped to the part of losing weight now because most people need the carrot dangling out in front to keep them motivated. People want to look for the light even at the beginning of the tunnel. There are a lot of ways to lose weight but you absolutely HAVE to get everything else fixed first, then you can go get the you, you haven’t seen in a while. Without your immune system being in check, you’re just going to be doing the healing for longer and possibly causing yourself more problems, especially if you have Leptin Resistance.  The best way to lose weight with Hashimoto’s Disease is to be fully healed and in remission of your Hashimoto’s. After that you just do the things you want like bicycling, hiking, gardening, dancing or anything other thing that makes you moving towards your weight loss goal.

I was thinking of reviewing some things that would be of help or interest to us on our Hashimoto’ recovery journey. Please leave me an idea or link below and let me know some things you want me to look into. As always… Feel free to leave me a comment or ask a question, I am here to help!!





Keep for yourself or share with someone you love :)


  1. A friend’s loved one has hypothyroidism, I’m not sure if it’s called Hashimoto. Her doctor said there’s little chance of getting back to her normal or previous body especially that she’s also on her mid-thirties. Plus, reading your article, it really takes a lot more discipline in order to follow a goal set of losing weight with this condition. I’ve written an article about choosing happiness, which includes people with some sort of sickness or disease but chooses to live a happy life. It seems like you’ve overcome the challenges of this one and choose to inspire others. Kudos to you! Have a great life and continue inspiring and helping others.

    • Thank you!! I believe having the right frame of mind or getting to a good frame of mind is important when dealing with anything in life including illness or disease. I haven’t completely overcome my challenges but I am well on my way and I do want to inspire others and let them know there is LIFE at the end of that tunnel.

  2. I never knew about this condition. I have a friend at work who struggles in this area and doesn’t understand why she isn’t a stick when she eats nothing. I think that eating 4-5 times a day is a great practice for everyone regardless of your condition. Great advice!!!

    • Hi Bruce, thanks for stopping by. I think most of us don’t want to be seen eating 4 or 5 times a day, it feels fattening, bf you think of people you know who are always eating, and they ARE sticks, it makes sense with hindsight.

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